Friday, August 12, 2016

Clip Diver Dog - Video Dailymotion

Clip Diver Dog - Video Dailymotion: Here is a good location for a water dive and the popular best diver here is nothing than a good dog.

Wake-up Machine - Video Dailymotion

Wake-up Machine - Video Dailymotion: Here is a machine that can match those person who have hard time waking up.

Wake-up Machine - Video Dailymotion

Wake-up Machine - Video Dailymotion: Here is a machine that can match those person who have hard time waking up.

Ride Like a Fool - Video Dailymotion

Ride Like a Fool - Video Dailymotion: Here is how a dirt bike rider got into an accident. He is playing road master but got himself road accident. Road accident: accident

Thursday, June 5, 2014

6 Steps in managing one’s anger

I never knew anybody who did not get angry for once in their life. Almost every one of us gets angry, but out-of-power anger will not do any good for you and for others. Anger also plays chaos with your body. Study shows that anger increases people's chances of enlarging coronary heart ailment. Anger can be the way to some stress-related problems, like digestive problems, headaches and insomnia. We can learn to control our anger and condensed aggression, depression and hostility. Below are the following strategies you can utilize to bubble down your temper.

1. Stop

If you are in the middle of your arguments, or you feel that you are about to fall, then Stop! If you are in a motion or about to hit or child, then stop! STOP gestures must be practice to help you put a gap with your emotions on that certain moment. The best gesture for stopping your emotions is by holding the hands in front of the face, palms out and the fingers straight up. Drive the anger away and say the word stop. This technique is very effective in all kinds of problems, may it be minor or major problems that needed to be solve.

2. Give space to yourself

When you feel irritate, the last thing that you have to do is to stay connected in the spot that is creating you feel bad and increasing your anger even more. It is very vital that at this moment you are not trying to contact with the circumstances that is creating your angry higher. You will not resolve the problem in the time of your anger, the best way is you give space and be away from the stimulus of your anger, to give time of calmness and recollection of yourself.

3. Breathe extremely

Start it by simply organizing your physical and internal response to anger. When the heart rate increases, it goes with the rapid rate of breathing and the voice are raise while the face becomes flushed. The initial move to inner management is to take a deep breath.

Deep breathing permits your body to be filled with oxygen. This will halt the adrenaline flash that floods within the body when you’re annoyed. This additional oxygen flow will calm down the body and breathing, makes the heart rate slow, and permits the brain to start again logical thinking.

4. Analyzing

The moment you are relaxed, try seeing what had happened. A better way to realize what really happen is to picture out that it is actually happening to someone dear to you, like a sister or a friend. Glimpsing at the circumstances as a stranger might aid you view the reality. You may either easily comprehend on what is the basis or origin of your anger, or you may either think that your reaction is actually not proportion to what really happened.

5. Defining the problem

The moment you view the circumstances a lot better now, it is the moment that you have to finally define the real problem is simple words.

6. Solving the problem

The moment you begin solving the problem, you can then think of options for solving the problem. You can either write it down to have selection of possible options of solutions or talk to someone older than you for possible help. Remember that there is always a solution to every problem, all you need to do is to find for the right one that will definitely fit for you.